Cheddar & Apple Pie

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Cheddar & Apple Pie

I couldn’t just make one flavor, I had to try two. Part II of the cheddar batch, a classic pairing. Cheddar and Apple Pie bar; Cheddar white chocolate with pie crust crumbs folded in and apple fruit leather over the back. I used simply heirloom apples for the fruit leather, so it has a very bright, tart flavor. Tossed them in sugar for the sparkly effect and a nice little crunch.

A little known fact about me, at least to my chocolate friends, is that I am also a Certified Cheese Professional. I am coming to realize that many of my savory bars are inspired by my work with cheese, and the fun that I have in pairing both cheese and chocolate with different things. Can’t say I ever thought they’d collide in this way but when inspiration strikes you’ve got to go with it!


Allergens: Milk, wheat