Late Summer Favorites Set Preorder

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Late Summer Favorites set by Foxglove Chocolate in Portland, Oregon

This is a presale for a limited number of sets of 3 bars that will be ready to ship when the weather cools - hoping by mid September, but depends on where you live.  Bars will also be available individually as they are ready.

In late summer so many things are burstingly ripe - and we're all trying to soak it up before the weather cools. This set will help you enjoy the last bits of summer before the cooler weather sets in!  

Flavors are as follows:

Elote - Corn white chocolate with corn kernels, chili, cilantro and lime salt. A nod to a favorite Mexican street food. Contains: milk, sesame.

Caprese - Tomato white chocolate with balsamic flake, a swirl of basil and Durant olive oil white chocolate, dried sungolds and sea salt over the back. Contains: milk.

Raspberry Crisp - A bright and tangy raspberry white chocolate, topped with caramelized white chocolate bits (that are reminiscent of the delicious toasted edges of a fruit crisp), magical oat brittle and a touch of sea salt. Contains: milk.

Bars are 2 oz. each

Photo is for inspiration...actual photos to come!