Meant To Be

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Meant To Be

Looks like fall, but it’s not pumpkin spice! 

Years ago I worked with someone I now call a friend, Megan. One day, she told me about a smoked beer that she enjoyed with a grilled cheese sandwich at the Horse Brass (an iconic Portland pub, complete with a bar the owner brought over from England and Christmas lights year round). The combo always stuck with me as something I should try. Fast forward to this fall, Megan since met and is soon to marry the love of her life. We got into a chat via an Instagram post, and somehow this turned into me turning this amazing food memory into a chocolate bar. It’s quite a surprising bar, both in flavor and in how well it all pulls together, and also in how delicious it is. Meant to be bar - as in, Megan and Matt were meant to be and so are these flavors; Cheddar white chocolate with smoky beer soaked bread crumbs and smoked salt. It’s savory, sweet, smoky and crunchy.


Allergens: Milk, Wheat, Barley.