Rootbeer float

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Rootbeer float bar - Fiji rakiraki 60% dark oat mylk chocolate with rootbeer flavor, aquafaba meringues over the back for a foamy effect by Foxglove Chocolate in Portland, Oregon

Who doesn’t love a rootbeer float? It brings back memories of childhood. Subtly spicy rootbeer, poured over sweet creamy vanilla ice cream is such a classic all American combo. 60% Fiji Rakiraki dark oat mylk with rootbeer flavor, vanilla vegan meringues crushed up and tossed over the back for that foamy effect. Mmmmm….


Ingredients: Cacao, cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, organic oats, rootbeer flavor (organic sunflower oil, natural flavor), aquafaba (chickpea liquid), cream of tartar, sea salt.