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Soda Bread

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Soda Bread bar Caramelized White Chocolate with soda bread bits and celtic sea salt by Foxglove Chocolate in Portland, Oregon

Being a wee bit Irish, every year in March I have to make what Americans think of as a good Saint Patrick’s day feast...corned beef with all the fixings and fresh soda bread. You’ll be relieved to hear that I am not going to attempt a corned beef bar(!), but I am feeling inspired to make some Irish themed bars, so I’m working on a small collection of 3 bars.

Bar 3 of my Irish inspired Saint Patty’s day flavors...A deeply Caramelized white chocolate base, with crunchy soda bread bits throughout, finished with a light sprinkle of Celtic sea salt. 

Ingredients: Organic cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, whole milk powder, nonfat dry milk, all purpose flour, whole wheat flour, buttermilk, butter, wheat germ, oats, brown sugar, baking soda, salt.

Contains: milk, wheat