Celebrate Spring Set Preorder

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Set of 4 Chocolate bars to celebrate spring by Foxglove Chocolate in Portland, Oregon

This is a presale for a limited number of sets of 4 bars that will be ready to ship on 5/3.  Bars will also be available individually as they are ready. Longer days, more sunshine, flowers blooming and Mother's day are things we can all look forward to! Let me know if you would like a personalized note with your order.

Flavors are as follows:

Blue Raspberry - Blue Spirulina and Pineapple White Chocolate with Crushed Raspberries. This vegan friendly white chocolate is bright and creamy, and the invigorating color (from blue spirulina) is a sight for sore eyes!

Strawberry Balsamic - Strawberry White Chocolate with Balsamic Vinegar. Tastes like a perfectly ripe strawberry!  Contains: Milk.

Haiti PISA 80% Dark - Dark, rich and indulgent, without the sugar. This bar is made with monkfruit sweetener and has crunchy nibs on the back. Notes of fudge, vanilla and molasses.

Anamalai Brittle - India Anamalai 65% Dark Milk Chocolate with Fennel Brittle. The fruitiness of this origin shines through in this dark milk chocolate, fennel brittle for a fresh flavor and crunch. Contains: Milk.

Bars are 2 oz. each

Photo is for inspiration...actual photos to come!